Laser Hair Removal in Akron, Ohio

laser hair removal akron ohio

laser hair removal in akron ohio

Laser Hair Removal in Akron, Ohio is Safe and Effective

Laser hair removal Akron Ohio is a safe, affordable solution to getting rid of unwanted hair, including facial hair removal. For the longest time laser hair removal was only an option for some – others were stuck using the outdated, painful hair removal treatments of the past. This is no longer the case.

Physicians AquaFit is the first facility in the Akron area to provide laser hair removal for all of the six skin types. We use the revolutionary LightSheer INFINITY – an entirely safe and pain-free technology that offers quick, long-lasting results.

This is the latest in laser hair removal technology and makes it possible for Physicians AquaFit to gear treatment to every patient’s unique characteristics and complexions.

Experienced Laser Hair Removal Professionals in Akron, Ohio

If you have put off permanent hair removal until now or you were worried it would not work for you, it’s time to reframe your thinking. Effective laser hair removal Akron Ohio is now an option for everyone, regardless of skin type, ethnicity, or complexion.

Our State-of-the-Art Technology Makes Laser Hair Removal Pain Free in Akron, Ohio

Are you one of the many who has endured the unpleasantness of shaving, waxing, chemical depilatories, or tweezing to remove unwanted body hair? Laser hair removal technology revolutionized the industry, but only for some.

Until now.

Physicians AquaFit offers the only system that uses a unique pain reduction mechanism which ensures everyone – even those with darker skin or lighter hair – experiences the most comfortable treatment, effective laser hair removal treatment possible.

Our LightSheer INFINITY offers truly pain-free laser hair removal for all skin tones. The machine uses two wavelengths simultaneously to send repeated laser pulses that are safe, pain-free, and effective on any area of the body.

The system features a vacuum assisted HIT (High-Speed Integrated Technology) with a 22mm x 35mm spot size, covering a wide area of the body and making treatment as efficient as possible. LightSheer INFINITY is also equipped with ChillTip, a contact cooling technology that features a variety of applicators.

The Lumenis’ LightSheer INFINITY allows patients of different ethnicities and skin types to benefit from laser hair removal tailored to their needs. This treatment can also be used as a solution for pigmented and vascular lesions, PFB and wrinkle reduction.

Contact Physicians AquaFit today to learn more about laser hair removal Akron Ohio.