The Technology of Our Unique System

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Physicians AquaFit is the only facility North of Cincinnati to utilize the LightSheer INFINITY and offer truly pain-free laser hair removal services for all skin tones. The difference is in the technology of our unique system which has revolutionized the laser hair removal industry.

The LightSheer INFINITY uses two wavelengths simultaneously to send repeated laser pulses that provide both a safe, pain-free, and effective treatment no matter the color skin and hair type, on any area of the body. The hair removal laser technology features a vacuum assisted HIT (High-Speed Integrated Technology) with a 22mm x 35mm spot size, affecting a wide area upon the body and producing a rapid treatment. Additionally, LightSheer INFINITY is also equipped with ChillTip, a contact cooling technology that features a variety of applicators.

With the Lumenis’ LightSheer INFINITY, patients of different ethnicity and with different skin types can effectively utilize laser hair removal to eliminate unwanted hair with a solution that is tailored to their needs. Whereas darker complexions in the past had suffered negative reactions to laser hair reduction, any skin type is now treatable at the same degree of comfort, success, and time. In addition, this treatment can also be used as a solution for pigmented and vascular lesions, PFB and wrinkle reduction.

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

We offer the only system that uses a unique active pain reduction mechanism which ensures that you will experience the most comfortable treatment without the need for gels or anesthetics.

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